Casanova Venetian Glass represents quality Murano Art Glass imported from Venice. 
Keith & Marina regularly visit over thirty glass furnaces on Murano Island, discovering
and selecting the most desirable & coveted art glass in the world.  They also work with 8 jewelry
makers on the Island, as well as 5 Mask Artisans in Venice.  As a result, they offer
the largest selection of Murano Glass in the United States.

By fostering longstanding relationships with the Glass Masters, Keith & Marina have
earned special access to the latest artistic creations & the ability to commission unique, handmade pieces for clients requiring a one-of-a-kind installation.
  1.  Master Guido Barbini
    Master Guido Barbini
    Island of Murano
  2. Massimiliano Schiavon
    Massimiliano Schiavon
    Venice, Italy
  3. Lino & Lina Tagliapietra
    Lino & Lina Tagliapietra
    Murano Gallery
  4. Master Pino Signoretto
    Master Pino Signoretto
    Island of Murano
  5.  Master Lucio Bubacco
    Master Lucio Bubacco
    Island of Murano