Glass Master Dario Frare

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     Dario Frare was born in 1977 in Murano.  He inherited his passion for glassmaking techniques from his father Giuliano, also a well known Master.
     Dario started working with glass when still a child; this passion would become later his specialty at the Institute of Art in Venice where he became Master of Art. Dario's great manual dexterity enhanced by a restless inner strength, allowed him to become one of the most sought-after artists of the technique of the Island, as well as giving birth to long and fruitful collaborations with international artists such as Maestro and engraver Luigi Camozzo and French artist Aristide Najean.
     Today his professional maturity along with his ability to create glass forms harmoniously colored, make him one of the most prominent artists in the panorama of current glass making.
     Dario Frare is considered by many to be the greatest Clown Creator in the world today.
  1. Managing Director
    "Moses & the Ten Commandments"
    Glass Sculpture by Dario Frare
  2. Managing Director
    "Moses and His Staff"
    Glass Sculpture by Dario Frare
  3. Managing Director
    "The Native"
    Glass Sculpture by Dario Frare
  4. Managing Director
    "Hot Air Balloon"
    Hanging Light by Frare
  5. Managing Director
    "Clown with Parakeet"
    Glass Sculpture by Dario Frare
  6. Managing Director
    "Clown with Monkey"
    Glass Sculpture by Dario Frare
  7. Managing Director
    "Family of Natives"
    Glass Sculpture by Dario Frare