GlassMaster Igor Balbi

     Igor Balbi was born in Murano in 1975, where his father and uncle were highly regarded specialists in the flamework technique.  Igor was nineteen when he made a commitment to develop himself in the field, boosted with an ambition to make absolutely unique pieces that would stand out beyond mere artiginal finesse.
     Convinced of the importance of the empathetic relationship within the material and attracted by their quality and functional characteristics, during that time Igor has experienced the glass playing, challenging, stimulating, chasing and changing it, overcoming the traditional techniques of Murano to create his own personal lampblowing technique that today bears his name, recognized and studied by the Corning Museum of Glass.
     In his works Igor alternates and combines the sophistication of the technique with classic shapes.  Balbi's mastery of technique allows him to unite colors, achieve effects and manage tensions in the material that chemically and technically are incompatible.  The resulting goblets, glasses, bowls and sculptures he produces are exquisite one-offs; the chalice, a recurring element in the Murano tradition, is then reinterpreted and by his hands reborn as a unique piece of art.
  1. Managing Director
    "King's Chalice"
    One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece by Igor Balbi
  2. Managing Director
    "Exquisite" Flute
    One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece by Igor Balbi
  3. Managing Director
    Incredible Wine Glass
    One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece by Igor Balbi