Glass Master Massimiliano Schiavon

Massimiliano Schiavon was born in Murano on March, 24th 1971. He represents six generations of a Family that dedicated their lives, energies and passion to the Magic of Glass. It’s the same curiosity that, when he was a child, drew him to know this mysterious material able to change shape and color according to the Master’s will: that same curiosity that, today, makes Massimiliano Schiavon the passionate and creative Master the world knows. 
     He started working at the family’s Factory, improving, getting better, learning new secrets day by day. What makes him special are the drawing skills together with the knowledge of materials, colors, chemicals and characteristics of different type of glass.

This allows Massimiliano to be able to forge any kind of creation he’s able to imagine.
He’s also familiar with the grinding techniques and almost each piece of art is decorated with precise cuts and engravings. 
Maestro Schiavon specializes in creating artistic items, each a Unique Piece, coming with a Certificate of Guarantee signed by the Artist and marked 1/1. 
  1. Managing Director
    "Bowl Incalmo"
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  2. Managing Director
    "The Putter"
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  3. Managing Director
    "Bow & Arrow"
    Certified One-of-a-Kind Museum Quality
  4. Managing Director
    "Vaso Incalmo"
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  5. Managing Director
    "Canoe" in Blues
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  6. Managing Director
    "Prezioso" Vase
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  7. Managing Director
    "Ventaglio" Vase
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  8. Managing Director
    "Striped Vase"
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  9. Managing Director
    "Wow Block" Vase
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  10. Managing Director
    "Canoe" in Multi-Colors
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  11. Managing Director
    "Sommerso Aquarium"
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon
  12. Managing Director
    "Wings" Sculpture
    One-of-a-Kind by Schiavon